Friday, March 12, 2010


Of course I'm liking this. We need more of it. In RL.


Turk Turon said...

I read David Brooks' article comparing the Tea Party movement to the New Left of the 1960's, and I thought it fairly apt, but in one respect Paco makes a solid point: the Tea Party movement has never blown up a Greenwich Village townhouse while trying to construct a bomb.

Nor, I would add, have they ever kidnapped an heiress or robbed a bank or assassinated a police officer or fire-bombed a government office.

Stranger said...

Chuckle. PACO. Precision Apparatus Corporation. LI NY USA. Used a lot of their stuff, back in the dark ages when 6L6's still came in metal, and Levi Garrett's Sweet Snuff came in cans.

Ah, Paco. Mi amigo Paco. Hola Paco. Muy Bueno.

But don't let Frank forget that the TEA Partiers are mostly middle class Gringos with a good grounding in the basics from the school on the hill. The one whose school cheer is "ow, ow, ow," and whose school colors are black and blue. Hard Knocks U.

On the other hand, the regressives of the "progressive left" are by and large overpaid and overrated academics who have been shielded from the world and "educated" beyond their teeny tiny intelligence at Gimme I Deserve It U. And their weak minded camp followers.

There is a basic difference.