Monday, September 01, 2008

Choose Wisely, Young Skywalker

At least when you're picking your e-mail addy, 'cos you'll get a helluva lot more UCE-spam[1] as Aardvark@[domain]than as Zebra@[domain][2] -- and hugely less if your name starts with a number. (Why the numbers? It's a droid thing, you wouldn't understand).

Interesting research, forwarded to me as such things often and usefully are by the Fer-de-Lance, amateur and inadvertent rat-rancher, audiophile and cow-orker. Er, co-worker.
1. I been on th'Net a looooong time, when "Pine Is Not Elm" made sense to a lot of folks at e-mail time, Usenet was where the kewl kids hung out and "spam" was massively crossposted and usually crudely commercal crap in the newsgroups. That other stuff is "Unwanted Commercial E-mail," but who'd chomp on that when it could be spam instead? Nobody. Face it, we feed our language on table scraps.

2. It rhymes with "Debra." Yes it does too.


The Captain said...

Cow-orker is not incorrect.

Back in the day, I was a regular at the Monastery. Knew the guy who was when Cantor & Siegel sent out the green card lottery spam. It was his first day on the job.

Talk about a guy with stories...

Anonymous said...

I have an email address that starts with a number, and I used it on my Kaypro Ten (Ten megabyte hard drive! Whoo Hoo!!!) to get on the net all those years ago (1985!!!!)

How did I get so farging old so farging fast.