Friday, September 05, 2008

"You've Got To Be Awfully Not Careful"

At least that's what one of the lads said at work yesterday. It appeared to mean something to the fellow that said it.

...And it may be the rule for my updated-now-with-pictures "Another Day At The Artifice" posting. Have a look but try to overlook my, er, "interetesting" layout.

(Timmeee calls me on my spelling. Ooops! -- "Interesting" and "retested" tangled there. I lost).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

For the sake of posterity, please perform a spell check. I mean what if aliens came to Earth centuries from now and read that you have an "interetesting" layout. They might think it was a secret weapon aimed at them and destroy the whole planet.

Grexlak: Captain long range sensors detect that Roberta X has an "interetesting" layout.

Captain Slrxn: How cunning! Deploy the cumfy chore!

Grexlak: Oh no Captain, not the cumfy chore! Have you no mercy?

Captain Slrxn: At least I don't use uoxxpmsi weapons like that dastardly Earth woman Roberta X!