Friday, September 19, 2008

Plus One? Plus Win

A most excellent post (me hearties) over t' Sharp As A Marble about our road to serfdom. Tam has opined similarly in the past and as for me, shiver me timbers, here's the deal:

The next time you read one of my li'l screeds an' think, "That Roberta X, she one hard-core anarcho-capitalist absolutist," understand that the way I see it, to get anywhere at all, we've got to push back and hard. Askin' nice an' asking "Would you please?" while holdin' a teacup with one's pinkie finger out has not worked. I won't ever see a nice L. Neil Smithian Libertopia but if I work at it and stand on tiptoe, some dstant I just might be able to catch a glimpse of a hint of a glimmer of the rooftoops of a capitalist minarchy.

The next time some nice little law shows up in referenda or you local city council, some feal-good thing about not dumpin' the contents of cold ashtrays on unwatched children or some other notion about makin' an illegal action even illegaler, say NO. Vote it down, speak out against it, make 'em stop. We have so many nitpicky laws now, the police are goin' batty tryin' to keep up and are probably fillin' out forms for at least a third of their shifts when we'd all be happier to have them out keepin' the peace.

Tell the lawmakers NO, we have enough laws now. If you won't do it for yourself, think of the poor boys and girls behind the badge!

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Chuck Pergiel said...

What they do out here is they load up the ballot with a bunch of measures that the legislature cannot decide for themselves. I tried wading through all the hyperbole once, and said phooey, and just voted NO on all of them.