Monday, September 08, 2008

Ha! Y'Can Lean Too Far Left On Network TV

I'm stunned. Seems one of the MSNBC running dogs went so partisan, he got himself and his buddy knocked off the "Anchor" desk!

Or, as the 30 Rock newsroom so sedately puts it:
MSNBC said Sunday it is replacing Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as
co-anchors of political night coverage with David Gregory, and will use the two
newsmen as commentators.

If you had asked me before today if it was possible for on-air talent to go so far Left as to irk a news network, I would have laughed. Last one I even heard rumors of was when CBS axed a reporter for referring to the late Richard Nixon as "...a rat under the floorboards of the White House," hyperbole so obnoxious that -- back then -- not even CBS could ignore it. And that one was related to me as a "see how much worse it's become?" tale, years after the fact. (Googling the phrase turned up zilch. Did it happen or not?)

I guess every worm turns, even if only a little. Admitting an on-air voice is biased and sticking him in a slot where that's expected is a start.


LabRat said...

From what I read around when I heard (in what little time I had this morning, but I hate both of those jackasses), NBC itself was getting scared their firebreathing (and perception of complete bias) was seeping into the "respectable" network. Evidently someone on afternoon NBC news thought it would be a good idea to run a "breaking" graphic with "How many houses does Palin add to the ticket?"

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose that little call-and-response chant during Palin's speech at the RNC had anything to do with it. Like it or not, agree or not, it's got to concentrate a network executroid's mind something fearsome to be the target of something like that.

Especially when Corporate starts putting pressure on division presidents.


Jerry in Texas said...

I'm glad someone put a muzzle on those jackasses. I can't stand either one. And I don't even have cable!