Saturday, September 06, 2008


...And other TLAs of utility and note--

Checking other links on a trackback from utility notebook maker Field Notes, I encountered mention of "paper-based GSD software."

Sounded like fancy yupster talk.

It's not. Most of us make lists, if only notionally or mentally; many people make Actual Formal Numbered Lists and notes and project logs. I often end up with a distressingly large heap of scribbled-on scraps, packing lists and the backs of used envelopes, which is then stuffed in a file folder, duly filed and every effort is made to ignore it. But there are better ways, ones that don't involve much in the way of hardware, nothing more than a notebook, a pencil[1] and a system to help you Get Stuff Done.[2]

Here's a useful system, presented as an annotated photograph and described in more detail.

Of course, there are other methods; at times, I'm more like this blogger's Type 2!
1. Or other writing implement. I do not directly mention the fountain pen -- but face it, you know what real grown-ups use and you're wanting one now, aren't you? Yes, I thought so. It's entirely natural.

2. The mil-spec among us may know a different version of this but the TLA's the same and so's the thought. Oh, dip me in that khaki paint!


Anonymous said...

I think I fall into a type 3 personally. :)

LabRat said...

You just made my brain crash. In the circles I'm normally reading in, GSD invariably stands for German Shepherd Dog.

Interesting mental images, though.

Roberta X said...

Y'know, I noticed that when I search-engined the term.

A DIY GSD under that meaning... Well, I'm thinkin' a baby wolf and a lot of hair dye, but it'd never work.