Friday, September 26, 2008

Good Morning, Please Excuse The Speed Lines

You know, the lines comic book -- pardon, graphic novel[1] artists draw trailing from moving objects along the direction it's come from? That's me this ack emma: too much to do and not enough time. So of course I am blogging.

There's something in the air and it's given me delightful[2] headaches for the last couple of days. Luckily one of the better treatments for this is motorscootering, which I have been able to do the last couple of days, including (fanfare!) a trip yesterday afternoon from Skunk Works HQ to North Campus, where we keep and test the starship engines. This included a nice twisty hill climb up Spring Mill from Kessler, 'cos I was not interested in racing cars on the wide part of Meridian St. (Hwy 31). (The narrow part, four lanes in about three lanes width, is nervous-making even on a motorscooter but not, generally, scary-fast).

Tomorrow, up early and Healthy Outdoor Activity, or some such thing. And I have to remember to gas up my car, prolly.

In re the economy: I'm sympathetic to all the folks chanting "Let them burn!" Only problem is, the Them on Wall Street built the fire from a lot of our money and I'm nae so sure I will enjoy the smoke of that particular pyre. I hate bailin' em out, I loathe seein' that much power accrue toi the Feds -- and I am fresh out of fixes. If the markets crash, we'll all feel it.

I am not sure what Uncle John McCain is up to in re the debate but demurring will, I think, hurt him: looks like he's chickening out. I don't believe he is -- but getting elected is a marketing game and this is way too spinnable.

And now, to the showers and away! (Superman has his phone booth, Batgirl her Secret Room in Gotham Library; me, I'm a clean superheroine!)
1. When I was a child, comic books were Suspicious Objects in the home but a nice Tintin book? That was ooh-tay. It's all a matter of marketing.

2. "Delightful?" Yeah, 'cos there are no bad words strong enough.


Unknown said...

On the debate thing... I tend to think it might help him. He is after all doing (or theoretically attempting to do) the job he was hired for in the first place. Not that I really like or want him to win but I'm looking hopefully to the wings of the stage where Mrs. Palin awaits.

phlegmfatale said...

Sorry about yer headache, but I'm so glad you have such a ready cure at hand.

There are no happy answers for our mortgage meltdown thingy, alas. And that is giving me a headache.

Somerled said...

Any rescue package will be loaded with earmarks, trinkets for the people who send the senators and representatives to Washington so they can take care of the good folks back home.

The good folks want free or low-cost goods and services. They should be enrolled in personal finance and economics courses. We're suffering from a nationwide delusion.

Roberta, avoid Kryptonite-laced soap. That's what the green and blue streaks are in some of the more popular ones. Yellow Dial is good although it dries the skin.

Roberta X said...

Neutrogena Rainbath: smells nice, my skin likes it and -- best of all! -- Kryptonite-free. Also I think they test it on bunnies.