Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Saturday Morning Post

Why not? The Big Doings up at Skunk Works North Campus went appreciably pear-shaped yesterday, one of those deals where factory techs call up the company that built a major subassembly and trade shocked comments for half an hour -- "Whattaya mean, it won't do that?" "'Blistering hot is normal for this thing?' Then why'd you upsize all the parts in the later one?" and so on and so forth. So I gotta skedaddle this ayem, and how.

But I won't leave you in the lurch!

Staghounds shares his family headless chicken story, in response to Tam's Mike-the-headless-chicken-day link. Much better than mine, though my Depression-baby parents both had a parent or sib who'd occasionally let a headless chicken run 'til it went dry when they were given the chore of fetching poultry for the pot. (Yes, city slickers, it was not so very long ago and some folks still keep their chickens fresh on the hoof. Get over it).

Staghounds also offers his own take on coverage of 11 September and asks why United 93 gets so little attention. The media has focused on victims in the World Trade Center and Pentagon and the public-safety professionals who died heroically in the course of their duties -- and all but ignores the flight that fought back.

And The Old Grouch provides an insightful look at a lefty pundit's concern over the decline of Old Media and the rise of the New. Yes, it's a bit of a headless-chicken story, too, though the decapitated capon in question is some sort of watermelon-group lawyer. Highly recommended reading!

Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it today. And tonight. And maybe Sunday. Sheeeesh. Feb '09, I have felt thy sting!

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Thanks for the link, ma'am.

Hope your day went better than yesterday.