Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Next Indy BlogMeet!

It's less than two weeks away! (Sunday, 28 September, see sidebar for details, offer good in all 57 states). Bloggers, blog readers and the idly curious are all invited to attend!

--Turk Turon has loaded up his caravan and threatened to send his camels to bed without their jam and crackers (and no storytime, either, and you know how they do love their stories) if they don't make good time and I hear rumors that some other famous bloggers are hoping to attend as well.

You gonna be there? Maybe you better!


phlegmfatale said...

You know, if Turk wuold karaoke Midnight at the Oasis, that'd be worth making the trek from Texas

Anonymous said...

Count on it.

TW: jenusbee

Class of "little stingers."

Somerled said...

If any one is passing through Kansas City, I'd like to hitch a ride. I'll fork over gas money and promise to take a bath unlike some hitch hikers I have known.

Home on the Range said...

Missed the pin match. Still in jammies (yes, that kind of week).

see you guys later. .