Monday, September 08, 2008

LP Gathering In Broad Ripple!

My readers run maybe 50/50 small-l libertarian and conservat8ive and however y'all vote is between you and Diebold (and whoever they're tellin'). Nevertheless, my experience has been that the LPIN folks are decent sorts and engaging conversationalists, and serious about limited government.

So, when I tell ya they're havin' a get-together next weekend at a top pizza jernt (one of the best), give it some thought. They've run some good candidates in this state, people who actually had the chops and fought the good fight.

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Vinnie said...

Best pizza on earth. What other company offers to take 60 people per week to the back room( not really you can see everything from the front) and "teach you to do it". Who gives you free pizza when they do?