Monday, September 15, 2008

The Version I Hear In My Head

Recognize this car commercial?

VIDEO: Shots of CAR, exterior; NIGHTLIFE, indoors and out; CITY STREETS, night; CAR, interior; BUMS, homeless (etc.)

MUSIC: drama kid now, dharma drama kid now; karate kid now, dharma kid now...
MUSIC down and under

ANNCR: "This is not plain ol' luxury, no it most certainly is not. This is not regular luxury or even overstuffed luxury. This is Hyxos: This is start a business, fail a business, live-in-your-car while trying to dupe fresh investors luxury. Go-for-the-throat luxury..."

MUSIC fades up
MUSIC: ...carotid kid now, dharma dharma kid now; carotid kid now....
MUSIC down and under

ANNCR: "Hyxos. The luxy-duxy car that can find the coolest place to sleep rough in August, the hottest crystal meth any time: Hyxos. Your kind of luxury. The luxury that includes bloodstain-proof trunk interiors in the base package. Hyxos."

MUSIC fades up
MUSIC: ...a rotted kid now, a wretched rotted kid now; carotid kid now, a rotted kid now....
MUSIC down and under

ANNCR: "Hyxos. Real luxury. Your luxury. Dodging creditors without breaking a sweat luxury. Get one now -- before your house of cards all falls apart."

MUSIC fades up
MUSIC: ...before the skid row, hardly on the skids now; on the game now, ya rotted kid now....
MUSIC down and under


Anonymous said...

Tell me again why television going away next February is supposed to be a disadvantage? ;-P

TW: zydwsniq

Sound heard rocking the tape backward, looking for the splice point.

Anonymous said...

And the by-now obligatory Who tune fades up under the disclaimers...

"I woke up in a Soho Doorway
The policeman knew my name
He said, "You can go sleep at home tonight
If you can get up and walk away...