Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm Voting For Palin

(I guess I have to vote for that fellow on the GOP ticket, too?)

The pinhead media finally did what none of my friends and relatives could accomplish: got me to declare for Sarah Palin, Republican nominee for Vice-President of the United States of America.

And y'know how? What with all the hustle and bustle (not to mention shuck and jive and a degree of bobbing and weaving) of this week, I hadn't been in a store with a magazine rack for a long while.[1] Stopped off at a Mainstream SuperDuperMart after the half-day this morning[2] and every single magazine in the rack had some kind of hack-job headline about Governor Palin. All of 'em -- "National Inquirer," Weekly World News" "Us" and probably "Ladies Home Journal," "Cosmo" and "Redbook," too. Any Republican political newcomer they all loathe that much must be pretty darned special. Then there's the bubble-head celebrity opinionating upon which Tam has commented, universally against Sarah Palin and in favor of Barack Obama and the coatrack he's running for the Vice-Presidency. I think they hate her 'cos she's competent, while they can't even remember the purpose of socks for three days in a row.

I usually vote Libertarian; the exceptions have been for Andy Horning -- LP running as GOP -- and the constable for our township courts, who was my neighbor at my previous house and is a clean and decent guy. In all the other races, I will vote for the LP candidate.

In my opinion, Senator John McCain stinks. On ice. Mightily. He's guilty of conspiracy to violate the First Amendment and has openly dismissed freedom of the press as both trivial and an impediment to clean government[3]. He's not real good on the Second Amendment either. I have in the past called him "slow poison" and vowed to not vote for him. (His Democrat opponent is entirely out of the question; I was going to vote for Bob Barr).

Nor do I share most of Governor Palin's social views; I don't care if my neighbors (or somebody across town or in Fiji) are homosexual, polyamorous and/or dopers, as long as they conduct themselves in such wise as to not make loud noises late into the night, refrain from having sex in public and don't toss garbage over the fence, etc.. If they understand what window shades, privacy fences and headphones -- and the concepts of minding your own business and civil behavior -- are for and use them when appropriate, I'm okay. If they want to get married in their various and assorted groupings, I don't give a hang; why should us straight people be the only ones suffering through agonizing divorces?[4]

However, it appears that Sarah Palin has actually read the Constitution of these all-too United States and would apply it narrowly; this automatically means that to whatever extent the Veep has a say about it,[5] she'd keep the Feds out of people's private lives and that's a lot more than I can say about any Democrat and most Republican office-holders.

Plus, she shoots, she cooks and she seems to be all-round competent. I believe she will apply herself to the job -- again, more than I can say about other politicos.

So, sappy media-nannies, you did it. Your repellent, screeching attacks on Sarah Palin pushed me over to the Right. I'm votin' for Sarah Palin. Choke on it.

Update: A link from comments: seems ABC did some slanted editing in their interview with the Governor!
1. Fresh Market can be criticized for being hippie/yuppie heaven but their checkout-line magazine racks are blessedly non-controversial, "Cooking" and "Epicure" and "Grilling" and the like. I guess the last could be a covert mag about extracting information from suspects but I doubt it.

2. And more to come in the wee sma' hours. Such fun!

3. I can only imagine he means "clean" in the aerodynamic sense, meaning "free from drag that would slow it down."

4. On the other hand, I can see social advantages to stationing evil-minded 15-year-old boys armed with blowtorches in rest stop washrooms. "Wide stance?" Have a hotfoot! Imaginative readers can envision other applications, I am sure.

5. Not much, but a little. That whole "casts the deciding vote in case of a tie" thing, for instance.


Frank W. James said...

Roberta: You know my reaction matches yours, although she is closer to my social positions than most of your readers. But, I found it interesting that even though she is an announced 'evangelical' she signed into law a bill granting health benefits in Alaska to 'gay' couples. So, she can't be wrapped too tight about her religious beliefs or at least she can separate the two entities.

What tipped the scale for me was the Gibson fiasco. If they hate her that much, there must be something of substance under the lipstick that we need to encourage.

Like you said I'm voting for Palin and that other guy who I don't trust further than I can throw him, but at least I trust Palin.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

NotClauswitz said...

And ABC is in the tank for Obama, they edited key parts of the interview to make her look stupid, inexperienced and a hawk:

Anonymous said...

I would have liked her well enough without it, but the media frothing frenzy has been just about enough to turn me into a rock-ribbed pro-life evangelical just out of sheer and unmitigated spite.

Anonymous said...

Dittos here.

Re: Agonizing divorces, lawyer friend[1] o'mine once opined that "If we think we've seen nasty, screaming, over-the-top divorce cases, just wait until we get one involving a gay couple."

[1] Former lawyer, actually. Who shoots Glocks competitively. Is he forgiven?

Cowboy Blob said...

Amen, sister! I'm a Libertarian during the primaries, but closeted as a Republican as I can help a viable candidate actually get elected. By the time I finally got the chance to vote in AZ, I was stuck with Johnny Mack, but voted elsehwhere. It's a shame they can't get elected.

Turk Turon said...

Labrat perfectly crystallizes my feelings about it.

Although, maybe it will come to pass that Palin will some day nominate a Supreme Court justice!

Anonymous said...

"all too United States?"

Anonymous said...

Yes, Og: IMO, the Federal government has accrued far too much power.

Anonymous said...

Don't disagree. And that has absolutly nothing to do with the union of the states. The very fact that they are "all too united" is the ONLY thing preventing the feddle gummint from being any bigger.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand you or your simple minded, right wing complying kind, thank god you live in Indiana and as such your vote dosen't mean a thing.

Die quietly you ignorant hoosier.