Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Other News

...UK journalist visiting the US goes to gun range, writes about it. Reasoned Discourse™ breaks out. Won't you please help?

The entire blog, from Jon Kelly of the BBC, is interesting reading and not unsympathetic to American culture. It starts here. Poor lad. Do you think he'll make it all the way across with his illusions intact?

(I'm reminded of the day I discovered Fresh Market Marsh [a mainstream supermarket hereabouts] stocked that British pudding called "spotted dick,"* Of course I had to show this delicacy to Tam, who -- innocent that she is and having never heard of it -- took one look at the label and broke into helpless laughter. Twain was mistaken, it's not one language held in common; the Brits are Doing Things with it).
* Odd, you liked it when they called it "plum duff," instead.


Anonymous said...

Then what would she say about "bangers and mash?"

Or "toad in the hole"...

Or "pastys"...?

Inquiring minds, and all that.

Somerled said...

Tis best, when inviting high-society types to one's estate for tea and figgy dotty, to instruct one's wanker friends to leave before dick in the box is served. This involves why another name for spotted dick is "Packphour's Lament".

Poor Lady Packphour became a social exile after that tragic afternoon.