Friday, June 04, 2010

Burning Fiddles Whilst I Roam

Or summat like. See, here's the deal: I have been unduly distractable all week, often with almost-good excuses, like needin' to flood-rig the basement in a hurry, 'cos mucho rain was predicted; but, still....

So this ayem, bright an' early, I must be back at the dentist's (cleaning, checkup). I was careful to sked it well before work...and then work decided I need to fill in for an evening-shift technogeek who is on vacation that very same day. This would be leaving a large hole in the middle of my day, which is not such a bad thing when looked at in the proper light.

If I play my cards right, don't dawdle and the weather holds, I can ride my bike to the dentist's and still be home in plenty of time for A Fine Breakfast, possibly not even havin' to cook for myself, and a quick trip by the Indy 1500. (Two best times to attend: Day One when the gates open and the last half of Day Three. You see all the kewl stuff at the start and look for bargains at the end).

To do all that -- and maybe drop off my car to be looked at, too, as it is currently suffering from Disturbing Hyundai Accent Scraping Noise Syndrome, almost certainly the rear brakes -- I need to get up and just leap into the shower, pausing only for coffee.

That means this little message is pre-recorded. See ya after the dentist's done!

Update: Dentist gives me a clean bill of health. My ride up was more than merely brisk -- 15 mph, uphill! I was doing over 18 on the way back. Pretty sure I reached my target heart rate.

On to the gun show next.


MO Bro said...

...and so we eagerly await the next installment.

JC said...

Wimp! I got a ticket in Houston for going 52 in a 35 zone. Houston is FLAT...I had a damn cop car on my butt with 3 to 5 foot deep bar ditches on either side an dno way to pull over.
Did I mention that I was on my bicycle at he time?

Roberta X said...

Yes, but did you have a stuck link in your chain, too? :)

I'm no speed demon. I do okay for a spinster.

John B said...

ya gotta check this.

sorry for the off topic!

Roberta X said...

It's very kewl!