Saturday, June 05, 2010

Indy 1500

...Only had time to see half the show: there was a line across the parking lot and half the width of the building. On a Friday afternoon. Twenty-some minutes after the opening time.

Pretty impressive.

There was plenty of ammunition available and prices have even fallen a little.

Also, why does the guy with a tableful of Nazi T-shirts and banners even bother? He was getting the usual It Is Repulsive And Radioactive treatment: people would see nifty drawing of tanks on T-shirts from a distance, get closer an' realize they alllll had busted crosses or doofy lightning bolt runes on them, and veer off in revulsion. The right to free speech does not, as it happens, include any guarantee of an appreciative audience. Heh.


George said...

I agree with your assessment of the Nazipuke. Personally, I have no problem with WWII guys, Axis and Allied stuff together, hell, that's history. But these clowns celebrating the SS, the Gestapo,and der furerpuke, fuhgetaboutit! They get the same treatment here. A couple years back, there was an IDF table. Good thing the promoters didn't place them adjacent!

Stranger said...

Yep. While I would like to add a genuine SS dagger to my odds and ends drawer, I have no use at all for repros - and the Nazi celebrating T-shirt guy knows to duck out and leave it to his daughter when he sees me looming up the aisles.

It's against my religion to speak harshly to a woman - but the next time I go to the local Dimocrat offices that Che T shirt and Cuban flag on the wall may make me lose my religion.


Tam said...

I thought his Adolf Hitler mouse pads were a bit over the top.

I can deal with the "I'm not saying they were right or anything, but their tanks sure were cool..." crowd, but this guy obviously thought they were right...

Cybrludite said...

I wonder if it's the same bunch of Helen Thomas fans who pollute the gun shows down here. Were they selling knife sharpeners as will as Nazi stuff?