Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tickets, Please! Azuza, Caneveral And Low Earth Orbit!

PDB points us to coverage of the very successful SpaceX Falcon launch. Congratulations to SpaceX! This is their commercial-freight/passenger hauler, already lined up to carry the mail, fresh oranges and MREs (or whatever) to ISS as the Shuttle winds down.

Elsewhere, the Usual-type Ijits are criticizing; I especially enjoyed this exchange:
Commenter 1: Impressive debut performance, Falcon 9.

Commenter 2: Hmmm. Uh, no. As promised is more apt. Capital investors expect a return on their investments.‘Impressive’ would be appropriate if it delivered a higher v yield than promised.

Commenter 3: No, that would indicate a serious error in math.

Not to gossip but I was recently made aware (here) that Elon Musk, the principal of SpaceX and the Tesla Roadster, is in the middle of a middlin' ugly divorce. I dunno enough to take sides and might not even if I did (what, divorces need cheering sections composed of uninformed bystanders? I think not), but on a tech level, please note Ms. Ex-Musk-To-Be has included a Tesla in her list of What I Want From You. Me, I might hold out for passenger tickets on his other vehicle. OTOH, you can't commute in a rocket.


Stranger said...

Taking sides in a divorce is entirely too much like trying to stop a knock down and drag out, for the same reason.

I had rather step into a stallion fight than get between two soon to be separated former friends. The stallions are comparatively rational.


Drang said...

Based on what Top Gear says, I wouldn't try to commute in a Tesla Roadster, either. Charge doesn't last long enough, and too long to recharge, among others.

Anonymous said...

I take "you can't commute in a rocket," as a challenge. I might need a longer commute though...


Justthisguy said...

I mind the time I almost stepped between husband and wife in a dispute. I was trying to moderate it, saying things like, "well, Jim has a point there, Carol" and "Carol has a right to feel upset, Jim" and then I noticed that they were both giving me the Death Stare. I swear Carol was thinking, "Jim, you hold Jtg down while I kick him in the head!" and Jim was thinking, "No, Carol, YOU hold Jtg down while _I_ kick him in the head!"

At that point I decided I needed to go elsewhere.