Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Content At I Work On A Starship

The latest chapter of Frothup: Dropping In:
Attitude jets cut in with a sound like a fire hose, a hard shove as he moved the stick and the squirt-booster rolled in line with our vector and on around until it felt as if we were nearly upside-down. Intent on the display, he made a few more fine adjustments to our attitude, flipped a toggle and then just sat there. Presently, another countdown popped up and marched from :30 to :00 and on the zero, we slammed into bumpy grayness and thudded back out again almost a minute later, "falling up" a little off the projected path. Butch looked at it and decided, "Close enough. Y'like that?"

I kind of hadn't - I prefer my excitement predictable - but it didn't seem polite to admit

Whatever next? Follow the linked text and find out!


George said...

Thanks for the latest, Roberta. All sorts of tingly foreshadowing.


sam said...

Well done, lovely lady. Nice little WTF? cliffhanger at the end.

Anything you can tell us of Frothup's and other world's laws/policies on CCW?

Speaking as an "IS Guy," there's MTBF, and then there's the real MTBF. If you wants (sic) the good stuff, youse gots to pays. (sic, again).

Fast, cheap, good. You can have any two.

Old Grouch said...

What's the point of falling toward a planet in a flying brick if you're not going to have fun with it?