Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Morning, Quckly [sic]

- New chain on my bicycle yesterday: Made of wheee! Srsly. It's like getting my seven-league boots back.

- Working on a huge, complicated edition of Breakfast Hash. Back with a report later.

Dateline, Later (INS) First few forkfuls: I'm likin' it. Tam says, "You have outdone yourself here." 80/20 mix of country and andouille sausage, five strips of bacon, two Yukon Gold tatties, a package of fresh sliced mushrooms, a quarter or less of red onion, half a diced Anaheim pepper and three eggs, garnished with the remaining green pepper, a couple of radishes and Swiss cheese, all diced fine. It is so fine!

Later still: finished a huge soup-plateful of the stuff. Mmm, mmm, mmm! I'm gonna nap now.

Days later: A commenter asks, "'Quckly?'" Hey, I admitted to bein' in a hurry!


Anonymous said...


You ate a duck too?

Matt G said...

I so want to be your Local Friend That Shows Up Early.

Anonymous said...

Between you and Brigid, I'm gettin' fatter, and I don't even get to eat the food! Even the descriptions have to many calories.