Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Getting Better

I had not realized how bad I had got; I'd had just about zero energy. A bit more bounce today, though after 8 hours total, that last half hour was uphill all the way.

One of the medications they handed me was a 'scrip I looked at and asked the doc if it was for real: it read "Mary's Magic Potion." (Paging Albert Hoffman?) He grinned and said, "It's something the pharmacist compounds -- topical painkiller, antibiotic, steroid, a little this and that." I asked the nurse when I was checking out if I need to go to one of the specialist pharmacists and she said not to worry.

It was, indeed, not a problem. The resulting goo, a thick liquid, looks dreadful, a sickly pale pink, and it tastes worse (probably thanks to the tetracycline). But it works.

(Here's a PDF of the various versions and their names. "Wiesman's Philadelphia Mouthwash," now wasn't that the label on all those bottles dear old Bill Fields used to keep around...?)


Anonymous said...

I take it you aren't feeling well, but I am glad to note that you're feeling better.


Stranger said...

Glad you are feeling better. And hope you continue to improve.

One comment, though. The antifungal in Mary's Miracle Cure is equally important. You do not want an adult case of oral candidiasis, sometimes called "thrush."

Or any other kind. Although the old folks "can't get to the doctor" emergency treatment of live culture yogurt and live culture buttermilk works - and the modern "take a handful of probiotic pills" is faster, it is something best averted.


Roberta X said...

Given that one of the other little items I'm on is a "Z-pack" antibiotic, plus the one in Mary's Miracle [treatment], the antifungal is darned important. All human skin is a battlefield and if either side gets the upper hand...well. No fun at all.

Drang said...

The mention of steroids in that cocktail had me itching to make a crack about 'roid rage, but... no.

Roberta X said...

Pretty sure hydrocortisone doesn't cause that but...well, better not cross me. What if I turn green and swell up? ;)

Old Grouch said...

"...wasn't that the label on all those bottles dear old Bill Fields used to keep around...?"

"My basement is loaded. As am I."

MO Bro said...

Glad to hear of the improvement, and I pray it continues to the best you've ever been.

Hat Trick said...

Belated well wishes. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

With summer coming on, your legion of devoted followers may appreciate this tip: Growing up in Kansas in farm country, painful--even severe--sunburn was common. My foster mother had a solution she had made up by the local pharmacist: medicinal grade linseed oil and limewater in equal parts (I called it "goose grease"). Marvelous for burns--cooled the burn NOW, and generally prevented peeling. Highly recommended, as a young lady who fell asleep in a hammock wearing a bikini would testify!

cap'n chumbucket