Friday, June 11, 2010

"Tick-Tock, Ms. X, Tick-Tock"

It's just goin' eight and here I am, sittin' down to compose yet another glorious screed (hey, better that than scrofulous gore!).

There is not time for it: The Water Company, having decided our remote water meter gadget (a magic target on the side of the house that the meterman zaps data from with a watermetergun, honest) is dead-ish, they want me to schhedule an appointment with them N-O-W, and I've gotta do that.

So, for your delectation, here's a link to Deroy Murdock's opinion column, a piece that might well be called Adventures In Prejudice. I'm no big fan of Rush Limbaugh (signal-to-hot-air ratio doesn't suit my ear, YMMV) and Elton John I can take or leave -- but what happens when their paths cross might surprise you.

...Wish me luck with the water-wizards at Vieola, or whatever they call themselves this week....


The Freeholder said...

It never ceases to amaze me how many people think that all conservatives (little "c", thanks) hate gays, want to pave over the entire earth and would BBQ the last hippo on their backyard petroleum-powered cooking device of choice.

As far as I understand it (more or less being one myself), they would just prefer to be left alone to take care of themselves and mind their own business, and they're perfectly willing to allow others to do the same.

Good luck in your encounter with the water bureaucracy.

Borepatch said...

The darn thing is probably hackable via WiFi these days.

Password's probably dR1nKm0R ...