Saturday, June 12, 2010

See A Weather Forecast, Find A Drama

Storms -- severe storms -- rolled into central Indiana this evening, bringing yet more rain and ominous, near-continuous thunderings to Roseholme Cottage.

Popped on the ijit box to see what might be what and the local outstanding news station* had interrupted their regularly scheduled with wall-to-wall radar and rain-related rambling. They put up one of those nifty predictive wedgies over the Live! Radar! and rattled off who was gonna get it next: "Mt. Pilot at 8:13! 8:15, Danville! And the storm will reach Magnetic Springs at 8:16!"

I nearly had my second-best stopwatch out when the name hit me: Magnetic Springs? Never heard that one before.

Turns out there are a couple reasons for that, starting with the way those springs came unsprung a long time ago -- plus when they were a goin' concern, they went by their married name, Cartersburg-Crystal Springs, Inc., and hung out in bottles at all the tonier hotels and homes hereabouts. But that's their prosperous middle age; the beginning and the end of the beginning are very nearly movie material.
* We know this by the number of times in a single newscast there is a yet another live in-the-field reporter on the screen, saying, "I'm standing outside the location where..."


CGHill said...

So you have at least two stopwatches? I'm impressed.

George said...

I was reminded of a radio broadcaster I've known for 30-40 years. His first job on-air was in a tiny berg called Cottonwood, Az. He did an ad spot for a company called The Iowa Farm Boys.
Their motto was 'The Iowa Farm Boys-Outstanding in their Field!'
So I gave him the Sandra Boynton coffee cup, with the cow on two legs-'for someone who's outstanding in their field'.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I should have seen that one coming.


PS - Lightning is fun when it and the thunder arrive simultaneously.

Roberta X said...

CGH: What did Shakespeare leave his wife? ;)

....Although I do have two, a nifty all-mechanical Russian one and a home made digital timer like we used to use in the radio biz, set to reset any time a source was started.

CGHill said...

Actually, I've always wondered about the #2 bed; was that intended as a slight, or as a testimonial to the relationship? (Some of the pundits argue that this was, after all, the Official Matrimonial Location.)

I remain impressed. :)