Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Helen Thomas Bigotry Timeline

18 May: Awarded the "Sarah Brady Visionary Award" by the venomously anti-gun Brady Center at a gala dinner in Washington, D.C. (If they've killed that link, Joe saved the page!)

28 May: Venomously opines Israel's Jews should "...go back home to Poland and Germany. And America..." Including the ones whose families've lived in Israel for centuries, I guess.

7 June: "Retires." Venomously. Well, semi-venomously.

Quite a monument. To something. The mindset that herds disarmed, innocent civilians into cattle-cars for "the greater good," if you ask me.

I hadn't commented on this -- everyone had links to the horrific video -- but a post from Lyle at Joe Huffman's blog and another from Joe himself moved me to do so. A mere ten days...! The leopard does not fall far from the tree, hey? The apple does not change its spots.

Update: the self-described "anti-war Left" bemoans her departure. Mr. Godwin? Your limo is waiting and Move On is pickin' up the tab. And there's a Tom Leher song playin' already!


TJP said...

It's no surprise that she's "visionary" to the crew. They're still worshiping the petrified remains of a century-old idea--since proven worthless--from the mind of a demented syphilitic.

Justthisguy said...

As someone pointed out over at Steve Sailer's blog, her patrimony is showing. She's a Lebanese Arab Christian, like that other Thomas, Danny. They're rather grumpy about Israel lately.

Joe Huffman said...

The post you linked to on my blog was actually written by Lyle at UltiMAK.

But other than that minor error I appreciate you expanding on my attempt to emphasis the connection between Brady and Thomas.

excitedVulcan said...

Love the link to Leher!

Wv: fednessi
what's up with that?

Joe Huffman said...

The Brady Campaign has apparently lost their web page about honoring Helen Thomas.

I managed to find a copy for them and hosted it on my web site.

Roberta X said...

Thanks for the corrections, Joe -- it was actually both posts that moved me to write, so I have now linked to yours and Lyle's.