Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shooty Goodness

At least one commenter noticed Tam and I missed the morning events at the Indy Air Show. (Next, year, we'll do better -- and wear better sunblock). Alas, we did; but we had a reason.

Some skills are perishable. Shooting, for instance; if your sidearm is to be more than decoration, you've got to practice. Frequently.

Me, I'm no great shot, but I try. (Plus, the .38 Super 1911 was just back from the gunsmith's after a $2.98 repair: main cause of wobbularity, the old barrel link!) Seven-yard paper, no great respecter of "try:" Yes, that's what it looks like, the hangiest of hanging chads, despite a mix of .38 and .45 hits, not to mention Flyers of Frustration. Grrr. Success!

Tam's target already had the center neatly chewed out by the time I arrived at the range. Hey, head start. --Years, not minutes.

My thanks to Indy Parks and the hard-working volunteers who keep it running -- yes, Eagle Creek Park Pistol Range is a city park (when it's not a police range).


Anonymous said...

Good shooting, cowgirl!

The Jack said...

Indeed. Quite good.

I came in on Sunday afternoon and was able to confirm that the problem with my 1911 was the extractor not the ejector as I first thought.

I must say that is a rather nice range and well run.

It was either you or Tam that told me about it at a blogmeet, so thanks!