Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's A Better Morning

...'Cos I have darned well decided it's gonna be. Yesterday (and no small part of Sunday) was wretched with a capital retch: exhausted, hurtin' and with my equilibrium shot. Why this might be, I don't know. Bizarre allergies? Back trouble? (Wrong symptoms to be the one I know about) A minor flu-type bug?

Whatever. It had its two days, which is at least a day and a half too long. Already had iso-butyl-propanoic-phenolic acid (! ibuprophen); I'm'a takin' me a Vitamin B, too, and gettin' out and actually doin' something today.

Starting with folding laundry, the dryer having just buzzed at me. Later!


Stranger said...

Hmmm. It should be pollen season in Indy. Look up the symptoms of vertigo.

If the rest of the symptoms fit those already given - there are several brands of OTC meclizine tablets: Bonine, Anti-Vert, and others.

If they don't help, run, do not walk, to the nearest medical facility for an MRI. Which should be part of the normal screening for vertigo.


MagiK said...

I applaud you getting up and moving, one of the best things to help recovery is to be determined to get moving. After a bit of rest, your body needs to get up and get active.

Roberta X said...

Stranger: I should explain -- this is something that visits me from time to time, probably thanks to a bit of a mess in my upper jaw. I have stacks and stacks of every kind of medical imagery and spent a lot of time with specialists and the verdict is a pretty resounding We Don't Know. Probably connected to the time a couple of tooth roots punched through the bone (but nothing else) into the sinus cavity and were not properly diagnosed or treated, even after they were pulled, for a very long time. Had all manner of problems related to that.

These days, it's pretty much down to nothing more than persistent migraine-type headaches and occasional vertigo, which counts as a huge improvement over the troubles I did have.