Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Still Got It. And It's Creepy

I remain firmly in the top ten results for "Canadian Spider-Goats," which is a bit odd -- does no one else recognize the looming threat of maple-syrup-powered, eight-legged, venomous, irritant-hair-shedding caprine invaders from the Dire North? --Well, someone does, but he's more concerned about man-pig hybrids, like we haven't had 'em infesting Congress since pretty much Day One or even earlier.

Fine. Fine. When we're suffering, laboring under Ottawa's yoke and lash, plucking snow geese -- no, aw, geesh, that's plucking, Dan and Andre, c'mon, dignity, guys, dignity, at least try to fake it. No, FAAAAke.... Oh, dear -- plucking snow geese so our snow-bound masters can go clubbing with baby seals in style, don't come whining to me; I tried to warn you and you refused to listen.


John Peddie (Toronto) said...

Thanks for informing me about this.

I had failed to realize that I was a part owner of a magic goat, right here in my back yard.

At the very least, these clowns got a major tax break for doing "scientific research".

Most likely there's also some .gov grant money in there too.

As with so many inventions, it's not to meet a need, but to allow the boffins to show off on someone else's nickel.

If I promise not to milk it, or ride it while clubbing baby harp seals, d'ya think they'd let me take my investment for a walk?

old grouch said...

I want a glow-in-the-dark cat.

That way it would be easier to figure out who's pestering me at o-dark-30.

Don M said...

And I thought it was Canadian Sniper Goats... If you are going to do genetic manipulation, be sure to add the opposable thumbs.