Monday, June 21, 2010

Saving Spacecraft Of A Past

Air Shows? Gotta love 'em! Science Fiction? The kind they put on the tube, I can take or leave[1] but the props are often works of art.

What might happen if these the worlds were to collude[2]? There's no need to speculate! The Science Fiction Air Show is a...reality? It does exist. You'll have to make up your own mind about how much or where.
1. Most of them bear the same relation to SF-in-books that Postum does (did? Aw, we can't keep nothin' nice) to coffee: it could be delicious but it wasn't the real thing.

2. Hat tip to Balmer and Wylie.


John B said...

Well they had me going for a bit. Until the BS about a Yearly Moon Odyssey. I think I bought it for 15 minutes because I so badly want to believe.

Stranger said...

It's a little sobering to realize that When Worlds Collide was twice as old as I was when I was one. Now it's only two percent older. I am gaining on it!

Anonymous said...

should fit right in with the Hidden Frontier


Roberta X said...

Yep! --Where d'ye thing those ships came from in RL? ;) Speaking of which, there's another installment coming up shortly!

Anonymous said...

You know, with the RRL working, this isn't so much of a stretch...


Dr.D said...

OT, but here is a Pioneer Power Show that you and your friends might find interesting:

It is a little bit far away for you, but it is an absolutely fantastic show. This years dates are 28-29 Aug if I am not mistaken.

John B said...

Woah, the When Worlds Collide reference slid straight across home plate, and I totally failed to lay a bat on it.

It's a glaring reminder that I'm getting old, but the pre-cable Four o'Clock Movie was a daily favorite. Two hours of electric babysitting for my Mom while she made the Broadway production known as Dinner. When Worlds Collide was a high rotation movie, we could see it once a month.

And In sixth grade, I made the discovery that personally owned paperbacks could go beyond Star Trek adaptations.

In those days you actually had to get your parents permission on file at the library and at the grocery store to be allowed access to paperback books.

My first Paperback book that I actually bought outside Star Trek 8 was When Worlds Collide.

My first "The Book Was Better" moment.

A couple years later, I'd discover that the Dynamic Duo of Balmer and Wylie had committed the heinous sin, though I didn't know at the time, of a sequel.