Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Tree Is Gone, Long Live The Tree

Yes, the former Tree #2, a silver maple, has gone on to prepare for a short, bright career as firewood! Thanks to tree removal expert Jim Clark & crew of The Tree Machine, Inc. (317/257-6667, here in Indianapolis) (And I didn't get a price break or other consideration for the mention, either. He was good and his price was great, so I'm happy to get the info out there)
--Photos follow:My first sight of the Tree Guy Himself, above. Followed very shortly by his asking, "You and Tamara had both better watch this -- and be ready to call 911 if things go wrong." (Yes, dears, that's hyperbole -- but if it was easy and safe, anyone could do it). Here's why: Things are in motion in this image and the fallen trunk is headed to whack into a branch of the tree Jim's standing on:...The sound tree (well, sound-ish) stood, thanks to a breakaway branch. Anybody in there?And below, the fallen. Hats off, gentlemen! It gave long and faithful service.In the slicing-up, a good look at what wood turners and carvers call "spalted" wood. A fungus does the work. Very pretty, not so good for the tree.Almost like it was never there....Almost.The famous card:A look at the Tam-famous truck. The other side has a well-designed tool rack, with a small, sturdy work surface that drops down. Everything has a place, without having to move six things to get to any tool. Framework is all aluminum, to maximize payload. The smaller wheelbase makes it well-suited to Broad Ripple's narrow streets, too.By 2100, I had my ham antenna back up and the landscaping timbers staked and deckscrewed back into place. Hooray!

Next, The Search For Stump-Grinders. Are they the ones who live in the woods and wear only metal, or the ones who can't bear the sun and subsist on a steady diet of live bees and honey?


Bob said...

Going to plant a replacement? If so, what? Good opportunity for a poll or two.

Roberta X said...

I'd like to. Wonder if an oak would grow there? Or -- given our water problems -- a willow?

Rob K said...

I love all trees, except for silver maples. Those are the junkiest trees ever.

How about a fruit tree? There's nothing like a juicy peach straight from your own peach tree.

Bob said...

Ginkgos are beautiful trees, and too rarely encountered here in the US; I saw a mature specimen last fall in Colonial Williamsburg, and it was lovely.

Hat Trick said...

Don't plant a willow if it's going to be anywhere near your sewer line or septic tank. The first dry summer it'll run roots into your lines and block them.

An oak will probably grow there.

I like Bob's suggestion of a Ginkgo. They'll get huge if they have full sun though.

Did you ask your tree guy for a suggestion of what would be suitable for the location?

Old Grouch said...

Gingkos are great city trees. They tolerate pollution and their leaf shape is unique.

They can get large, but it takes a while.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

My God! It's full of stars!

Gewehr98 said...

Spalted Maple, big honkin' chunks of it!

Dayum. Here I am with an empty pickup truck, a wood lathe in the garage, and just a couple hours northwest of y'all.. :-(

Roberta X said...

Most of them are gone, Gewehr, but that big old stump, with all its wild and woolly grain, it is yours for the taking -- if you can figure out how to get it in your truck.