Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm An Outlaw? In-Law?

Whatever. According to the quiz at Moral Politics (ooo! oxymoron!):
"Your [sic] scored 0 on Moral Order and -7.5 on Moral Rules."
The following categories best match your score (multiple responses are possible):
1. System: Conservatism, Liberalism
2. Ideology: Ultra Capitalism, Ultra Liberalism
3. Party: No match.
4. Presidents: Ronald Reagan
5. 04' Election: Michael Badnarik
6. 08' Election: Ron Paul

Of the 617,053 respondents (11,286 on Facebook):
1. 2% are close to you.
2. 1% are more conservative.
3. 1% are more liberal.
4. 60% are more socialist.
5. 28% are more authoritarian.
Rats, only 28 percent? And I am both extreeemely liberal and extreeeeemly conservative?Ooookay. LTHO, I am a veritable sink of moral depravement.

I'm now not even all that sure what they are testing, especially when they tell me "socialism" involves "nonconformance." Tell it to the East Germans!

Try it yourself.

(Found via Traction Control)


Jeffro said...

I'm right and a little above your spot.

I think this test, while accurate as far as determining political leanings, illuminates what the test giver sees as an ideal society.

Obviously, we haven't been indoctrinated properly.

Drang said...

What kind of test of beliefs of any kind needs to give hints?!

Interestingly enough, if you answer "None Of The Above" it tells you you're a Demonrat, closest to Jean Kerry and His Imperial Majesty.

USCitizen said...


My first Robert X Link!

Are there three E's in "Wheee"?


Justthisguy said...

I often say that I am the last of the real, or Grover Cleveland democrats.

No: There may be as many as three or four of us left.

I am in favor of

Small business,
Small farms,
Small government, and
Small arms.

Roberta X said...

U.S. Citizen: No, Robert X was my father.

Roberta X said...

JTG: Good luck with that. It's like being a Barry Goldwater Republican, only more so.

Joseph said...

Your father has a blog?

A liberal conservative, or a conservative liberal??

USCitizen: The number of "eees" in "Whee" is determined by how ecstatic one is about a given event. Examples:

Tree falls in your front yard due to heavy storms: This actually would cause a negative whee (-whee)

You are determined to be a direct decendant of John Moses Browning, entitled to all royalty payments for the M1 Garand, M2 and M1911 models: Whee23 (Whee to the 23rd power).

Roberta X said...

Joseph: Um, no. My Dad's been gone three years as of last month. But I was named after him, more or less in desperation; they'd been tryin' for a second child for not quite six years when I showed up, and my big sister had taken a lot of trying, too.

Stranger said...

That "poll" provides some insights into the political affinities of the person who wrote it. There is a high probability that the author is radical Berkeley undergrad who will vote for Pelosi and work for Obama.

There are so many unspoken assumptions that it reminds me of the CBS/Gallup poll that "proved" to Congress that the American public supported gun control. The actual question Gallup asked was this:

"Would you support new laws to reduce crime."

This one is on that level - sixteen times over.


Ken said...

I got -0.5 on Moral Order and -6 on Moral Rules.

I don't think the designer of the test understands what morality is -- nor much else, on the evidence.

I would like to conclude my remarks by saying this: "Form rally square on JTG!"

Joseph said...

Sorry about your father, I wasn't making fun of him (or you). Mine has been gone about 5 years now.

Crucis said...

I almost match you---on the bottom and three divisions to the right. A couple of answers could have moved that more left or right. Still said I was ultra-conservative.

Data Viking said...

Hee hee! I'm at the bottom left corner and here's my results:


Your scored -6 on Moral Order and -8 on Moral Rules (Drat! I was hoping for -8, -8!).

The following categories best match your score (multiple responses are possible):

1. System: Liberalism
2. Ideology: Ultra Liberalism
3. Party: No match.
4. Presidents: Bill Clinton
5. 04' Election: Michael Badnarik
6. 08' Election: Ron Paul

Of the 617,411 respondents (11,293 on Facebook):

1. 0% are close to you.
2. 0% are more conservative.
3. 0% are more liberal.
4. 3% are more socialist.
5. 89% are more authoritarian

According to these results I am ultra liberal and there is no one is more conservative or liberal than I am. I think this test is completely broken -OR- this test is not geared to anyone who does not wholeheartedly subscribe to either of the two major political philosophies, which I all to obviously don't :-).

USCitizen said...

Roberta X -

Dang typo.

Drang said...

I just looked at this thing again, and realized that Moral Order is their euphemism for Law/Chaos and Moral Rules for Good/Evil; this thing is straight out of Dungeons and Dragons!

WV: halfzat. "Only a half zat, Joe, I'm drivin'..."