Saturday, June 05, 2010

Mutually Hahaha's Mild Kingdom

MARLIN: (In a somewhat childlike voice): "Today on Mild Kingdom, baby ducks, hedgehogs and tiny little piglets. I was talking during naptime, so I have to stay here in the van, while Jimmy plays with the fuzzy ducklings down at the pond..."

JIM: (infectiously happy giggling)

* * *
Sure, you might find it a little dull -- but it's about as much excitement as most British coppers can stand. It now looks like they were "in pursuit" as the Cumbria idiot shot his final victims. Why protect and serve when you can follow from a safe distance and write it all down after? Sheesh.

* * *
MARLIN: "Next week, brand-new kittens and a baby giraffe you can feed with a real bottle!"


pdb said...

This reminds me of our own F-troop. Going after actual criminals is too hard and scary, so they end up harassing folks like Red's Trading post. I mean, a conviction is a conviction, right?

staghounds said...

I'm calling the drapeau de merde on this one, absent more information.

There's no indication (that I have seen)that the police did anything other than their best to try to find and stop this slug.

He had a car, and I've been where this happened. The geography is difficult. Shooting and scooting like he did, it's no surprise that he was able to escape this long.

British police bosses, like almost everyone in a society largely free of actual gun fights and saturated in filmed ones, hugely overrate the deadliness of armed criminals.

As a result, British police training in how to deal with active shooters is terrible.

But that's irrelevant in this case, by the time they got there a man with a gun put a stop to it.

They certainly deal with as much, if not more of, gunless violence as police anywhere in the western world.

Funny- no one is blaming his vehicle. If he hadn't had a car, he couldn't have found so many separate victims.

Dave R. said...

Police have confirmed that three officers saw Derrick Bird during his gun rampage but insisted: "At no point did they have an opportunity to end the killings sooner." Three unarmed police constables had sight of Bird in Whitehaven last Wednesday morning. But Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde said: "This incident was unprecedented and exceptional circumstances were fast-moving and highly dangerous. "Had any officer or member of staff had the clear opportunity to stop Bird I am confident they would have taken it."

So the official story is nine of the twelve victims were killed after the murderer was spotted by unarmed "police."

"No indication that I have seen" is no excuse for willful ignorance, and this was near the top on google when I went looking for the citation. (Remainder deleted by poster for politeness.)