Sunday, July 08, 2012

Molten Arboreal Rodents

Y'know, good (applewood smoked!) bacon and a fried egg will go a long way towards making a person feel human -- but adding hot coffee and "Swedish" or non-rising pancakes,* stacked up with a pat of butter and a sprinkling of sugar between each layer makes me feel nearly superhumanly good. I'd've taken pictures -- they do turn out pretty -- but given the choice between delaying for photos and digging right in? No contest! (On bacon: I eat the stuff sparingly and thus feel no guilt about buying the best. It's all about equally bad for you, so why scrimp?)

Meanwhile outside, the squirrels are commencing to melt. This little imp was well aware he was being watched and started mugging for the camera. He's used to it -- he teases and lectures Huck (The Mighty Hunter) through the windows just about daily.
* Simplest hotcake recipe evar: a cup of milk, a cup (on the generous side) of flour and a couple or three eggs; beat half to death, add a little cold water if it seems too thick. You can throw in a little sugar if you want to, or cinnamon, but they're not necessary. The original sort is et with lingonberry jam between each layer -- they'd be zoomin' with sweet orange marmelade.


Tam said...

"-- but adding hot coffee and "Swedish" or non-rising pancakes,"

Or, as the Brits call them, "spanners".

Roberta X said...

Mmmm, "spanners" in the mornin'!

Ed Rasimus said...

If there's a knocking at the door, it will be the fat kid from Texas and not another squirrel. Just hand the pancakes out and nobody needs to get hurt.

Roberta X said...

...Srsly, Ed, those are the easiest pancakes possible; you just pour the batter in the pan a third to quarter-cup at a time (YMMV), flip as soon as the top is dry, and eyeball the downside for golden-brown done-ness. A little slow unless you have a big griddle, but the stack stays warm in the oven just fine.

Anonymous said...

Sounds suspiciously like Scotch-pancakes (although they're traditionally served cold, as a cake), known locally as 'those extra small pancake like things that are served cold because those jock b*****ds are too tight to pay to make em bigger, or heat them, and they don't even have any gravy' - or spanners.

Jerry said...

Well,....shit. Pancakes and gravy. Ms. Bobbie, you just told the Hardy and macd bunch how to dream up a better burrito?

CapitalistPig said...

You had me at Bacon.

Thank you for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Add a little vanilla or almond extract sometime to the pancake batter.


Anonymous said...

"It's all about equally bad for you, so why scrimp?"

It is good that you are feeling better, though I take respectful exception to the preceding statement.

I am a ham partisan, but I rise at this point to come to the defense of ham's greasy, delicious little brother; bacon is not bad for you--not bad for you.

"...bacon and a fried egg will go a long way towards making a person feel human"

Bacon has curative powers, at least if the first sentence of the post is anything to go by. It is the opposite of "bad for you".

Mike James