Wednesday, July 04, 2012


This morning as I oversleep gloriously, the TV is listing all the events du jour of the day:

"Last, there will be an old-fashioned ice cream social at the President Benjamin Harrison home from 11 'til 3 today; they'll have ice cream and historical enactors!"

Tam, kibitzing from the door, remarks, "Historical enactors?"

I'm not too sleepy to take the bait: "Sure! They show historic events that never happened: 'President Harrison repelling invaders from Mars!' 'President Harrison concluding the first treaty with the Vampire Nation!' 'Installing the Electric Bathtub in the White House!' It'll be great!" Who could forget America's steam-powered Moon program? (Okay, the steam-powered moon thing didn't exactly work out and is sometimes cited as the reason for New Jersey as it now stands, but as the late President said himself, "An American citizen could not be a good citizen who did not have a hope in his heart.")

Plus, hey, ice cream.

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Windy Wilson said...

Wait, there's more! "They show historic events that never happened" Don't forget President Lincoln and his struggles against Vampires!

Dunno what that signifies when most people think he was a democrap and don't understand why the South took up arms when he was elected.