Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Aw, Man, I Cannot Believe--"

Name the primate with fantastic sideburns, a lifted upper lip, dance moves too much for TV and the ability to confound tourists....

Give up?

It's the Vervet Elvis! (I think the Colonel was passin' out feel-good pills not too long before that picture.)

No word on if they like peanut butter and 'nanna sammichs but I wouldn't bet against it. (And oh, had I the Photoshop skills...!)


karrde said...

That's mean.

Why would you compare a primate like that to Elvis?

rickn8or said...

Careful with statements like that about The Kang.

There is absolutely no dignity in being beaten to death by a blue-haired Elvis fan.

OTOH, I'll bet TV's are safe around a Vervet Elvis.