Thursday, July 19, 2012

So, I hear George Zimmerman Gave An Interview

Who remembers the attorney's rule for when you've done something that may end up in court? Two simple little words: Shut up.

Tempting though it may be to "get your side of the story out," it's not worth it. The way Zimmerman is being raked over the coals for having said of the mess in which he is embroiled, "It's G-d's plan" should be a warning example.

(Six commenters are now going to explain to me what he meant. --I get it; "I'm a little guy caught up in a huge event and all I can do is look to my faith" is a normal reaction. But it doesn't matter. It has already been spun against him, as was inevitable.)

Guilty or innocent, when you're facing a trial, just shut up!


B said...

yep. "Anything you say can, and will, be used against you.

Especially when there is an agenda.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with this if theis case was being tried in a Court of LAW...

Unfortunately, it's not.

Roberta X said...

It's even more important when the case is tried in the media.

The only way Zimmerman can "win" there is by prevailing in a public trial with a brilliant defense -- and even with all that, he won't win much in the way of public opinion.

All he can do on his own is make it worse.

Paul said...

For a judges son, he seems to want to manage the story. Shut up is alwasy good advice.

Anonymous said...

Zimmermann sees what's coming, and I think he is surrendering to despair. He's acting like nothing will save him.

He's not facing a trial. He's facing a political maneuver, a judicial procedure which bears not much resemblance to justice. One of the detectives has released a statement that he was pressured to file charges when he didn't think the evidence warranted it, major national news organizations have merrily poisoned opinion about the defendant by deceptively cutting the 911 records to depict the defendant as a villain, and somebody needs to Nifong that district attorney.

Mike James

Larry said...

Pappy usta tell me never miss a good chance to shut the h*ll up. Good advice, that. I should probably follow it more often. :D

Anonymous said...

+1 to RX

He needs to win in court, not on TV.

I'm sure his lawyer is throwing up his hands today and saying get somebody else. Zimmermans last lawyer left because he failed to follow good legal advise.

You have no control on what is asked and what editing is going to take place post interview. MSNBC or FOX, it makes no difference.

I'm starting to think Zimmerman is stupid or has a wants to be convicted.


Anonymous said...

Jorge Zimmerman has already undergone a trial by media and this is merely a pre-sentencing statement. The rabble rousers took several weeks to get their conspiracy organized but they then hit the media big time and nailed Jorge to the wall.
I read the initial reports and did and do believe it was a justifiable shooting. An average sized Hispanic male walking back to his vehicle was attacked by a much larger, younger black thug. Then the bail farce: a defense fund is just that and only money that was available to the Zimmerman’s before he was attacked by Travon should have been considered.

Bruce Edwards

Roberta X said...

I'm torn. It appears likely that the shooting itself was justified but the circumstances that led up to it, I still find a stirring example of how not to be involved. Follow a "suspicious-looking" individual through the subdivision, at night, all by yourself? Nope. Not wise. Legal? Sure -- and so was Trayvon Martin's walking through the area. Getting out of the truck is not the point at which things went off the rails but it is the point at which the likelihood of things going off the rails got a whole lot higher.

fast richard said...

Zimmerman is being railroaded in a political prosecution. He needs a really good lawyer and he needs the ability to follow that lawyer's advice. So far, he has neither.

As easy as it is to criticize his behavior, if the prosecutor succeeds in getting a conviction, it will strengthen the hand of every ambitious prosecutor who opposes the concept of self defense.

greg said...

If there is one thing I took away from 'Unintended Consequences' other than 'after the first one, the rest are free' was if you ever find yourself interacting with the legal system, JUST SHUT UP. Do NOT try to explain anything...make them PROVE their side.

Jerry said...

I will not be anti-anyone on this case. The "MSM" has taken too big a role in our ability to make any logical conclusion. They have clouded the issue.

Stretch said...

Admit Nothing
Sign Nothing
Deny Everything
Make Counter-accusations

At least that's what they taught us at -REDACTED-.

Jerry said...

That's not what I meant, Stretch.

Ed Skinner said...

Rats, too late. Fourteens others beat me to the Comment box. Onward to Tam's blog.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I started reading an Elmore Leonard story, but the stupidity of the characters is on the verge of overwhelming. I don't know if I'll be able to finish it.