Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I'll see your "1900 and froze to death" and raise you. Wayyyy up. It's 10:46 pm on Independence day, the A/C is running and I am still glow- er, persp- oh, heckers, sweating. Coil hasn't frozen (knock wood), there's cool air coming out, but it hasn't caught up.

Withal, I'm in a good mood. Denied fireworks -- more by our own good sense than governmental decree (I'm shocked, shocked that Tam didn't buy and stockpile any -- OTOH, should be cheaper tomorrow) -- we celebrated with grilled steak a la Roseholme: big, well-marbled filets mignon, cooked on a closed grill over lump hardwood charcoal, treated with a bit of salt and pepper beforehand and with a pat of Irish butter added at the penultimate flip; to which one adds well-baked tatties (in foil, with butter, salt, pepper and garlic -- and I cheated, gave 'em a few rounds in the 'wave beforehand) and a good garden salad with balsamic vinegarette: bliss! Double bliss, washed down with Squirt (grapefruit soda) and Moxie.

Seriously, those steaks...! Cut with a spoon, melt in your mouth, moist, smoky and wonderful. You don't put anything on 'em; they don't need it. (And those are just the mid-grade from Fresh Market. They had some well-aged ones for half again as much; I'd'a bought them but I feared so much joy could be too much.)

I've got fudge in the fridge but some hours after dinner, I'm still too full to contemplate it.


Anonymous said...

It's so good to be a carnivore.
Anon, Don

Dwight Brown said...

"should be cheaper tomorrow"

Oh, they let you guys buy fireworks after the 4th? Neat.

(Here in Texas, fireworks can only be purchased by the general public during two specific time periods around the 4th and New Year's. No July 5th discounts. I've always wondered what the fireworks stands are like at 11:30 PM on the 4th, but I've been too busy converting powder into noise to follow up on that. And this leads to the spectacle of giant retail fireworks stores which are closed roughly 48 weeks out of the year.)

Tam said...

I think we've got some sparklers and bottle rockets and firecrackers and such around here someplace...

Roberta X said...

How many Texas felonies involving lobsters was it?

Srsly, it's a lovely state with a lot going for it; but there are aspects of Texas law that are just plain off.

Fiftycal said...

We don't got no lobsteers in Texas. So I'm unaware of violations of the law relating therein. But I do know it's hotter in Indy than here. "Just" 97 at 6 pm. Didn't even make 100 today. This time last year we had had something like 27 100 degree days in a row. Ended the year with 90-100+ degree days. I guess the globull warming moved North this year.

Love to here what Texas laws you have doubts about.

Roberta X said...

Mostly, that whole "duty to conceal" thing. Plus 30.06 signage. Around here, all we have are "don't get caught" signs (and not many of them), simple trespass if they notice, ask you to leave and you don't comply.

(I thought one of the policeman/gunnie blogs had mentioned Texas having an unusually large number of felonies involving the tasty crustaceans. Can't find it now, of course.)

There is much that is good about Texas -- like most places, it's not perfect.

Fiftycal said...

Thanks for the reply. The "duty to conceal" is misquoted. The law is INTENTIONAL failure to conceal. IE "flashing" your piece. Now a FEW jurisdictions, all anti-gun like Ft. Worth, have come acropper on this. But damm few. And now 15 some years after the law and about 800000 chl licenses active, this doesn't draw much attention.

As to the 30.06 signage requirement, this replaced the "circle/slash" no gun, "NO GUNZ" sign, the ambigous what ever sign, etc. And they are VERY rare. Most non-hippy places don't even bother anymore. Some gun shows post this because IDIOTS kept pulling out loaded concealed pieces to "try another holster" and letting one off. I agree with that. But with the requirements for a 30.06 sign being about 4 square feet, and NO OTHER SIGN IS ACCEPTABLE, I like the result. And VERY few places are off limits by law.

Not "perfect", but jesus/allah/buda/etc. didn't write the laws.