Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm Not Linking To It

Because odds are, the idiot wanted to become "famous."

As you know by now, last night, a homicidal jerk in Aurora, CO gas-bombed a crowded theater, then opened fire. Sadly, nobody shot back. A dozen people died.

Crazy, evil people do that sort of stuff. The Mayor of New York is already saying it's the Second Amendment's fault (and we should ignore the home-made tear gas? Which could just as easily have been something a lot more toxic?).

Don't let Bloomberg -- and the other gun-grabby groups -- use the criminal acts of one man to diddle away your rights.


elmo iscariot said...

FWIW, I have a very, very liberal friend here in Jersey who sent me a message to the effect of "this mass shooting finally got me completely on board with the pro-gun movement. What do I do to get involved?"

We have a lot of young Americans out there who aren't seeing the "oh my god how can I disarm the crazies" that Bloomberg wants them to, but rather "oh my god how can I make sure I'm able to protect myself." Which is pretty fantastic.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Millions of law-abiding gun owners trump one nutbag attention whore.

No, I wasn't talking about the guy in Colorado, I was talking about the Mayor of New York.

rickn8or said...

Well, this buries the story of the Florida Internet Cafe robbery.

Bloomberg needs to shut his yap unless it involves something in his village.

And I'm tired of hearing of mass shootings without one round of return fire.

Ambulance Driver said...

KatyBeth asked me just yesterday, "Daddy, why are you carrying your gun into the movie theater?"

That's why.

Tony Muhlenkamp said...

AD, serious question from a guy that carries to the theater too. Do you have a light with you, and what would you have done? I'm imagining smoke, darkness, flickering lights, screaming, pushing, shoving, all going on at once. The only way I can think of to get a well aimed shot off is to get right up on the guy; and I'm not sure I would want to charge him with my daughters next to me. Discuss, please.

Earl said...

First, have your gun, second protect yourself and loved ones, if the golden opportunity comes to engage and shoot only the shooter, kill immediately. But truth is save self, loved ones, and help the injured and shocked to lights and safety.

Most aren't trained in mass violence, the police had guns and didn't kill the killer. The priority once the shooting stops was aiding injured and getting lights on.

Ed Skinner said...

Shotgun, rifle, body armor and a dark theater versus a snub-nose 38?
Time to revise my concealed carry selection.

Dave in Indiana said...

"Sadly, nobody shot back. A dozen people died."

Jeff at Protien Wisdom is pretty close to where the shooting occurred. Says the area is a gun free zone

The Jack said...

Bobbie. I think you're spot on with the fame angle.

The mutt wore body armor and still surrendered immediately to the first cop he saw.

Looks like he wanted to keep himself from getting hurt.

Also given the tear gas and the whatever of traps in his apartment this is someone that could have at least gone North Hollywood and tried to escape.

He was even wearing a gas mask which even a single "lens" style would be damn face concealing in the dark.

Instead he turned himself in.


TheMinuteman said...

If the fame angle is correct, a single hit, even to the body armor probably would have caused him to lay down arms. Heck even someone returning fire.

So sad.

Dad Bones said...

Good point, Minuteman.

I hate to think of all the money that's going to be spent protecting his life while in custody.

jed said...

Home-made tear gas? Where did you read that? I've gone over some articles and seen mentions of a "canister", with it being unknown, a smoke bomb, and suspected tear gas. Well, given his apparent intelligence, and what I'm reading in re. the contents of his apartment, a home made irritant of some sort is a reasonable supposition. I suspect there will never be a clear answer from the authorities on that question.

Roberta X said...

Jed: early (this morning) reports were calling it "tear gas" or "an irritant gas." Heaven knows what the loonie actually used; people on the scene had other priorities.

jed said...

Yeah, I understand the other priorities. Just curious whether there had been something more definitive.