Monday, July 02, 2012

"Gun Buy-Back Tables Turned:" None Dare Call It Synergy?

So, up Mordor Chicago way, they run an annual gun "buy-back"* and there's a degree of butt-hurtedness on the part of the Po-leece and happy-dancing by gunnies, because Champaign-based Guns Save Life rounded up every rusty, shot-out, beat-up and otherwise useless old gun they could find, turned them in, and walked away with over $6000. That money will be used to fund a gun camp for interested kids, and to purchase four bolt-action rifles to given away to lucky/skilled campers.

You have to wonder why the same police spokesperson who reminds that the "event..." is " take guns off the street..." calls netting a huge windfall, hundreds of guns they would not otherwise have received, "abusing a program intended to increase the safety of our communities."

No, see, if there is any kind of gun that makes people safer by being swapped away for a gift card and destroyed, it would be a rusty, worn-out one; so that's actually a win-win (with yet another win for the money being used to fund a camp for kids: teach 'em safe habits when they are young and they're that much less likely to shoot you by mistake).

But the antis -- and I'll count Chicago's government at every level as "anti" -- can't accept that as a positive. The antis had pro-gun types out rounding up and turning in hundreds more guns than GSL will be buying with the money received and yet still, antis call it abusing the program.

Gah. What a twisted, sour lot. Say hi to Mrs. Grundy and the WCTU for me, willya? Say hi to the frikkin' Klan; they hate the idea of "guns in the wrong hands," too. Mencken was soooooo right.
* Flawed logic in the name: they were never the city's firearms to begin with!


Joe Allen said...

I'm confused... "buy back"? Did the Chicago PD sell these guns originally?

They must have, otherwise, how could they "buy them back"?

Roberta X said...


Anonymous said...

JB has done this for at least 3 years that I know of. The first couple of times were done without much fanfare.
The youth camp is held in Bloomington, IL Where I will be a volunteer instructor. It is a great program. Usually there are about 90 campers.

JohninMd(help!) said...

Aahhhhh, the gun-fu is strong with this group, weed-hopper! I love it when somebody actually manages to do something noble despite the pols misguided crap. And that's why the politicians hate it - instead of encouraging more dependence on .gov, it teaches responseability and independence. Independence: nice sounding word, don't we have a day coming up to celebrate something like that? O:-)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I saw this yesterday and laughed myself silly.

More gun folk should do this. It's our money, after all.

perlhaqr said...

If they were ever silly enough to do this around here (not bloody likely) I'd stand at the line and offer $20 more than what the police are, cash, for first pick at things.

The Jack said...

A couple thoughts.

Calling it a Buy Back is incredibly accurate in showing their thinking. They believe that all guns should be in the hands of the State.

Also note that its an abuse for lawful gun owners to turn in defunct guns... but it's a Victory when Somedue turns in a broken down Jennings.

And note who they get more butthurt about spending that money.

Anonymous said...

In Australia similar foolishness occurs at irregular intervals, instigated, I think by certain police officers. It may not be a totally unrelated fact that two of the largest and most diverse pistol collections were accumulated by police sergeants.

On a sadder note, we have had three of these events which were compulsory. The first was overturned by the electorate and we all got our semis back but the next two were for keeps.

Mike in Oz

Roberta X said...

Indeed -- Oz gunnies have had a sad time of it. I think you've better chances of recovery than Britain but it will be a long road.

Chicago is very much the same way, but much of the populace is somewhat less independent-minded than inhabitants of .au. Also fatter.