Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stupid Cold

Miserable: hurt all over, still coughing, can't get warm. Total weird aches: toe knuckles, collarbone, what's up with that?

Off to the doc-in-a-box, if I can start tracking well enough to manage it.


Bob said...

Dengue, maybe? Been mosquito-bitten lately? Dengue is commonly known as "breakbone fever," you know.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

Well, it was the disease of the week on Royal Pains last night, anyway.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Perhaps a tick attacked your toe.

My God, do I need coffee.

Anonymous said...

Didn't try the blanket and whiskey sour method, did you? Couldn't make the situation any worse.


Drang said...


Cliff Smith said...

My Dad always recommended a double shot of ginger brandy. It won't cure you, but you won't care that you hurt.

Anonymous said...

Dave (the genius) suggests the 'Canadian Club' cure.
Kill a pint of Canadian Club.
When you awaken - in a day or so, you will feel better!

Get better!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Death is preferable to Canadian Club, at least in my household.

Roberta X said...

You people do remember I'm practically Temperance, right? Not on any high-falutin' grounds, I just dislike the effects.

Anonymous said...

The arthralgia and myalgia (bone-ache and muscle-ache to us normal people) are caused by the inflammatory process.

Generally pathogens have (relatively) narrow 'comfort zones' of conditions (temp, pH, etc.) in which they thrive. Part of the bodies defence is the inflammatory response (Calor, Dolor, Rubor, Turgor) which alters these parameters (eg, the bodies proteins operate over a wider range, so it's a double pronged attack, white cells attacking (phagocytosis - sorry, I just like the word) , whilst reducing replication of the pathogen, hopefully).

The problem is that this response causes increased sensitivity to pain (especially joints) and some evidence of both proteins and toxins agregating in areas (poorly vascular) like the joints.

You obviously haven't cleared up from last time, probably having a pathogen reservoir somewhere (which may have developed resistance to whichever meds you have taken). So this time it's worse symptomatically.

Doc-in-a-box! Tests for specific organism and to find reservoir! Targeted meds! Rest! Fluids!

[Thus ends the boring lecture from the geeky pedant who'd mis you]

Get well soon!

NB. personal nursing services are available payable in range time, caffeine and bacon ;-)