Monday, July 09, 2012

Right To Work, Right To Take It To Court

Like clockwork, Indiana's Right-To-Work law is being challenged, in both State and Federal Court.

Okay. That's how it's done -- and so much simpler than legislators sneaking over the state line, or nitwits jammin' up the State Capitol building to the point of personal danger.

Look, the outcome may not always be to one's individual liking (I do not mention -- spit -- Obamacare; other persons might unmention Citizens United) but this actually is the checks-and-balances system at work. There's a law; some folks think it might clash with the state constitution or with other laws, so it gets hauled up before a judge or judges and we find out. And if enough people are unhappy with what the judges decide, why, we start over in the legislature; see Indiana's right-to-resist-unlawful-police-entry law and the miserable Indiana Supreme Court ruling that prompted it,* if you'd like an example.

I don't mind seeing even a law I like get challenged -- I just wish more laws were. Maybe we could weed 'em out a little.
* Say NO in NOvember to Justice Steven H. David! Yes, he's the man who thinks Officer Friendly -- and, alas, his cousin, Officer Hostile -- should be able to walk right in your home sans warrant, exigent circumstance or probable cause. The Legislature pinned his ears back but he really needs to have a job where his unAmerican ideas will do less harm. We can help point him in that direction, with one simple vote.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'd sure like to see the NRA come out and spend some serious money on the Diselect David campaign.

Or maybe Mourdock could weigh in on the subject.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Oh, and: House of Repeal. One of those ideas whose time has come.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Unfortunately, too many Judges tend to ignore the Constitution and the Law. They are only on the Bench because their Political Masters WANT them to declare "Null and Void" any Opposition to their Legislative Edicts.

Of course, this only applies to those Judges Appointed and/or Elected by the Democrats.

And the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Founding Fathers put into place a system that, while not perfect (Prohibition, anybody?), allows us to correct our mistakes according to the rule of law. Waiting for the wheels to turn can be frustrating; it can be even more frustrating when one's side loses. However, once one chucks the rule of law, whether to lynch a "guilty" man or overturn a law, what has one got? How safe are any of us when rule of law goes by the board?

Drang said...

May I humbly suggest that Indiana gun bloggers agree on a simple sidebar logo to push the "Deselect David" cause?