Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Out Sick? Then I Guess You Didn't Hear..."

Called in this morning to have a friend confirm that I am, once again, heading into a vacation sick. I hadn't heard that another one of my co-workers is fighting a mild case of pneumonia -- his tween-aged daughter having a much worse case. Here's hoping they're both much better soon.

Man, passing colds around the office is one thing but this is right over the top! (Not really, or at least highly unlikely: No lung-crackles for me. Treatment would be the same in either case. Chalk it up to unfortunate co-incidence).

Hoping to get my bronchitis cured by next Saturday -- turns out there is an Indiana Historical Radio Society meet then and given that many of the collectors are of a venerable -- and vulnerable -- age, I ain't a-gonna walk into their midst if I'm still hacking and coughing.

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