Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Been So Hot--

I was going to say, "So hot, the cicadas have given up," but Tam informs me they have been yammering away all day, every day, and don't fall silent until very late in the afternoon; I guess the poor little dears are just all tuckered out by the time I get home. --Which is unusual enough, shutting up not being one of their strengths.

We did -- finally! -- get another blast of rain yesterday; not really enough to do much good, particularly if you're engaged in the business of agriculture. But it may keep the lawn from committing seppuku from shame over its complete inability to be green, lush, inviting or even homey.

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Ed Skinner said...

The cicadas come out in Phoenix in the "monsoon season." That's right now but it's brief, no more than a couple of weeks at most. We get their buzzing in the evenings and, whenever I hear it, I get flashbacks to the mid-south where I grew up, same when I hear the distant horn of a diesel train engine.

Thanks for the reminder to listen.