Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Open Letter To African-American Youth

(And others doing the same thing) --Look, you absolutely have a right to express yourself and it is completely understandable that your feelings run very high over the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, but please, please, please: it's well over 90 degrees F out there. At least get a lightweight hoodie to wear with the hood up, willya?

It's difficult to express much of anything when you are laying heatstroked on the sidewalk.


Jeffro said...

"And don't run with that - you'll put your eye out!"

Youda made a good mom.

Chris said...

In the supermarket yesterday, saw a young African-American male helping an elderly A-A woman (maybe grandmother), who was riding one of the store-provided motorized wheelchair/shopping cart combos. At one point, he is hanging onto the back of the seat, his knees resting on the rear cowling, with his over-sized pants halfway to his knees. I briefly (no pun intended) considered taking a picture of this.

Dad Bones said...

Those kids should have thought to get some lightweight hoodies while flash mobbing stores.

I know, I know. The protestors aren't necessarily flash mobbers. I'm just sounding off.