Saturday, July 14, 2012


I did -- barely -- go to the Indy Hamfest, very late. I didn't last quite an hour but at least I said hi to my friend Don, who works tirelessly on the committee that runs it. He's got a cold, too, which only goes to show.

Drove back home quite woozy and napped briefly. I'm headed right back to bed as soon as this is posted, too.

One bit of good news: as I arrived at the hamfest, my phone rang: I'm a Great-aunt again. My oldest niece's first child was born today, two weeks ahead of schedule! A boy. Mother and child doing very well. But I durst not visit until I'm well. And FWIW? She's a Nurse-Practitioner, specializing in neo-natal care. This does not make it easier; quite the reverse, since she's familiar with every last thing that can go awry.


Dave H said...

Glad you could make it to the hamfest. I tell my family the quickest way to get over being sick is to keep doing things like you're not. (I don't actually believe that, but I try to practice it anyway.)

My cousin was a nurse in a neo-natal ICU for a few years and couldn't take the heartbreak whenever they'd lose one. So she switched to geriatrics.

Anyway, congratulations to the new mom and to you. And to the new baby: good luck kid.

phlegmfatale said...

All best to your niece and great-nephew. He'll have the coolest great-auntie in town. I'm about to be a great-aunt for the first time. It's reall weird, because I remember thinking great-aunts were all-- ya know-- old. Not us, though. :)

Tacit Eagle said...

I have a dream. That someday I will make it to a Hamfest. Stay on the air and be well!

Rob said...

Stuff! Lets hear about the stuff! 73 R

Roberta X said...

Didn't get a whole lot of stuff -- a Veeder-Root impulse counter, an old Bud Minibox and some small tools, mostly.

Saw some neat stuff, including a little Globe transmitter and a E. F. Johnson, both showing some signs of hard use on 11 m.