Sunday, July 15, 2012

Breakfast: It's A Blessing

Seriously. Sick, I have barely been eating; food hasn't tasted right and the temperature spike that follows eating has been pretty off-putting.

So this morning's bacon-and-egg on an English muffin* is a blessing indeed, being tasty and filling and worth the price. I had a bad moment when it appeared Tam had packed the Cholula sauce off to the Northwest, but it had only got behind the Tobasco. Whew!

Next goal: more than three hours' sleep at a stretch.
* Apologies to the Brits, who would more likely call the thing a crumpet; this is an American term along the lines of calling chips "French fries." If we spoke the exact same flavor of the lingo, we wouldn't have much to talk about!


Carteach said...

In this house, the Cholula sauce is usually found behind the big bottle of Crystal sauce.

I imagine one day there will be entire religions based on this schism.

greg said...

About two months ago, the Chili-Garlic flavor surpassed the Chipoltle as my favorite.

Roberta X said...

Carteach, at Roseholme, we're sort of hot-sauce Unitarians (in the modern sense): we've got a whole lot of choices on the shelf, from the delicious by so very hot "Rooster Suace" to Tobasco, Cholula and old standards like Cajun Seasoning, Cumin and Madras curry powder.

Greg: I'd like it but my co-workers might object!

...One of my fonder memories from the various tech schools I have been to was when the sales force was wining-and-dining us hapless techs and Chiefs and a handful of their own engineers; the green Tobasco was still pretty new and the sales johnnies squirmed in mortification as the seniormost of their boffins solemnly tested red vs. green a teaspoonfull at a time in order to recommend which was best with the lamb stew. We were delighted -- Doc was clearly one of ours!

Roberta X said...

I'm trying to remember the stuff the Cajun take-out used to stock (before trimming back their 'leventy-seven varieties to a "mere" five or six). It was the approximate hue of Grenadine, a clearish bright candy-red, and delightful! Alas, I was either one of the few brave enough to try it -- or no one else who did had liked it.

greg said...

I prefer flavor to 'chemical heat'.

Back in my sailor days, we decided to mess with a bunch of 'air brething, water using' riders by adding a quarter a bottle of Dave's Insanity sauce to the bottle of A-1 at the table they prefered to eat at.

Much hilarity ensued...