Friday, July 06, 2012

Politics At The Pump

Seen on a pump at the gas station at 16th & Illinois Streets, about as down-downtown Indy as it gets, a sticky-note: That this hasn't been yanked down yet should tell you something; that petrol stop has better-balanced demographics than prime-time TV -- including PBS.

From $1.78/gallon to $3.72 in one Olympiad: I do have to admit, it is a change.


Stranger said...

While gas is 2.89 here, there are still no new Obama bumper stickers in a majority minority town.

The few that are still around from '08 are disappearing fast. Even the local NAACP guys are out with sticker removers. Although they say "Obama is our guy," their hearts don't seem to be where their mouths are.


Windy Wilson said...

Los Angeles is full of stupid people then, cause there are new Obama stikers. Some old ones, too, to be sure.
As for the change, there's also hope it won't continue, so we have -- Hope and Change.
As I said long ago when I worked in Aerospace and all the rank-and-file speeches in the annual Departmental feel good meetings asked for "change", Dammit! We want GOOD change. Anything can change for the worse, and easier than slipping on the front walk. It's good change we all want. As a consequence Big Aerospace Company went from 92%/8% military/civilian contracts to 65%/35%. Unfortunately that involved a lot of shrinkage.