Sunday, April 12, 2009

All's Well That End Well

Navy 1, Pirates 0. And isn't that the way it's supposed to be?


Tango Juliet said...

I'm amazed that the Obama Admin had the balls to give the green light to such an operation.

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Bruce B. said...

From what I heard on the NBC news (yes I still watch MSM just to see what they're pushing on the public as journalism) Obama only authorized deadly force if Capt. Phillips was in imminent physical danger. Not exactly a green light for a rescue operation.

Roberta X said...

...What, stuffed in a lifeboat on the high seas with pirates holding a gun to one's head does not constitute "imminent physical danger?" --Damifino what an Illinois lawyer might make of the words but it's pretty obvious how the U.S. Navy read 'em!

Mark said...

I love how people are still turning this into some kind of criticism of Obama.

Go, little shaver, go! Let no facts stand in your way!

Similarly, I find it hilarious when people act like he was actually triggerman on the op.

You're all very funny, and thank you for giving me lulz.

Bruce B. said...

Mark - I'll be more clear and to the point.

Obama has demonstrated zero leadership in the situation. The only way to deter the Somali pirates is to demonstrate to them that there will be swift, certain and deadly response to their criminal actions.

Roberta - The way I interpreted NBC's report was that the SEAL snipers were not to fire until they could see a pirate start to squeeze the trigger. Obama expected them to talk them into releasing Capt. Phillips.

Drang said...

The Navy/Marine snipers who took out the trash were following SOP, only fire in case of imminent threat to Captain Phillips. Their CO saw one of the tangos I mean papas point his AK at Captain Phillips, and gave the order.

His Imperial Majesty had nothing to do with it, other than dragging a sorry situation out longer than it should have been.

Roberta X said...

Mark: It is pretty certain POTUS can say "Nope" to this kind of operation. Once he's said "Yep!" his active involvement is pretty much over until the smoke clears.

In this instance, the current Commander In Chief did his job. It's what we're payin' him for.

Joseph said...

I actually read a comment at McClatchy (sp) newspapers that went something to the tune of "They are just defending themselves. Try to see it from their (the pirates) side..."

Um, NO. Pirate activity is the same as property theft (the ships) kidnapping (the crews) and extortion (the ransom). And it can often include murder of the crews. Sorry, but there are very good reasons why piracy on the high seas has generally been dealt with via a broadside and a boarding.

Anonymous said...

IF the Current Occupant had to give singular approval to an action such as this, it would be Kissinger's Folly writ large.

Any commanding officer of an American man of war on the high seas should be authorized in advance to attack either pirates or detainers of US citizens in any case. In this sea, on this tide, that authorization should already have been expanded to include any pirates. If this is not already ROE, there is something lacking in our doctrine. We also pay people plenty to keep ROE's and doctrine up to date and relevant. Time for them--not the Royal Dog-Namer--to earn their berth.

We wouldn't have even woken Reagan up to do this.

Mark said...

I was probably excessively sarky with that comment, but my point stands that the CinC's job was to say "Yes", which he did. End of story as far as the Oval Occupant is concerned. Smashing job from the Navy by all accounts. Happy endings...

Assrot said...

I think the official score at the end of the game was

US Navy - 3
Somali Dirtbag Pirates - 0

I'd say what I really think about these "pirates" but I have to mind my manners here.

One must admit that the pirates are morons if they think for a second they stand a chance against any US Armed Force.


Tam said...

"You're all very funny, and thank you for giving me lulz."

For those of us who propped our eyelids open during AmHist 101, N. African pirates seizing American-flagged vessels and demanding ransoms has a certain, piquant familiarity.

Our first three Presidents were graded on how they handled the situation, so why should the current one get a pass?

Sincerely Curious,