Monday, April 20, 2009

Free Day! Yayy!

Actually, a couple of free days and possibly a long weekend next weekend (BlogMeet/BlogShoot weekend!) .

So we'll be visiting a local range or two, picking up my Buy-A-Gun Day treat (watch this space!) and otherwise having the big fun.

...I am also way overdue for a report on Michael Z. Williamson's latest book. The short form: if you like H. Beam Piper's work, you'll enjoy it.

Best of all, I already have the replacement yard light up and it works! Nothing fancy but it is bright, automagic and the price was right. --And the old light? Wiring, just about fried. Ballast, toast. Well past removal time.

Seeya later today!

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Shermlock Shomes said...

Spend some down time bouncing ham radio signals off our old military satellites like the Boys in Brazil: