Sunday, April 19, 2009

Theme From "Stapp"

Who's the Air Force Colonel
That's a 46-G hero to all the kids?
(John Stapp)
Got that right!

Who is the man who'd risk his neck
for his pilot friends?
Can you dig it?

Who's the cat who has blacked out
from the most G-forces on his route?
Right On!

They say this Stapp discovered Murph-
I'm just talkin' about Stapp

He's a dedicated man
And we all benefited from his research.

Too much free time? Whatever -- the film that'd be the theme music for? I'd sure like to see it.

PS: Any ambitious baritones out there?


Joseph said...

Interesting. Dedicated to his work, for sure. I am surprised he wasn't eventually awarded at least one star.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he was. It was last seen departing the end of rail at Mach .98. Left a big hole in Babe's flight suit.

Meh, safety nazi. (I wouldn't wear a car belt until "Hollywood" Parsons said it was cool).

Absolutely no lines in that man's face, though. If he was around now, he could sell sled treatments to replace botox.

Ed Rasimus said...

They were putting monkeys and anthropomorphic dummies on the sleds when I got to Holloman. Had an opportunity to meet the man and shake his hand a couple of times over the years. An impressive guy. I think he was always short, at least I hope most of his extreme G excursions were lateral.

Rob K said...

If I had recording equipment and accompaniment, I'd give it a try. I'm no Iasaac Hayes, but I can get down there.

Anonymous said...

All this and ejection seats? Good gravy. :)