Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reporter Arrested At Accident Scene

...Ostensibly for getting in the way. Video has been yanked, so I dunno. (Update: Found it. Still hard to pick a side. A lot wrong each way).

I'm torn -- Freedom of the Press is a good thing, a vital thing, but stayin' the hell outta the way so the actually helpful folks can, y'know, actually help is also vital and if it's me or mine the paramedics are tryin' to get to, I know which side I'd be on.

Zoom lenses, newsies. Shotgun mikes. Use 'em. (Update: Also, don't park in the tiny berm to the left of the fast lane. Idiots. Plus, there is a new Fed rule about havin' to wear a high-visibility safety vest when working in the right-of-way of a Federally-funded highway, no exceptions for the Press; I mention this not because I agree with it -- Darwin! -- but because it is something for which you may be, drumroll please, legitimately arrested. Oopsie).


Home on the Range said...

I've found that the Starship's emissaries are the more professional of those around this particular galaxy. They've not been in the way of the land party and have been respectful of our mission.

But seriously, NO ONE has teeth that white, even with "Phaser on Stun Dental Whitening".

Anonymous said...

Brigid, try the Phillips power toothbrush and baking soda. It really takes the coffee and tea off your teeth.

I like how News Hound keeps repeating "I'm not doing anything."

Ummm, well, yeah, numbnuts, that's the point. You were Obstructing Traffic (or whatever the Tejas equivalent is) and the cop told you to move and you wanted to get a "scoop" so you can leave your podunk job in Six Toe County, Tejas.

Well, you are about to meet "Scoop". He's a biker from Arizona who's doing 30 days for Disorderly Conduct and he's real lonely. :-)

From my LE days, my eyes always glazed over from the media's assertion that they were somehow special.

MaddMedic said...

As an EMS type 1992 I have seen many reporters on accidents and have had to tolerate their inane questions. But it is their long as they do not interfere with patient extrication and care and do not put themselves in danger. They also need to understand a little thing called patient privacy and confidentiality which means I cannot tell you a damn thing and which the Feds take very seriously!! And the vests we now have to wear..We call them the HIT ME or SHOOT ME first vests depending on where we are working!!