Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"The Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard"

The title quote? It was said by reliably Democrat cheerleader and Today Show co-host Matt Lauer, as the show cuts away from a nice little cornering of DHS capo Janet Napolitano about yesterday's airplane panic in New York City.

Today first interviewed Ms. Napolitano about this Spring's wave of Swine Flu, then asked her to wait; they followed with a story about the foolish flyover (a backup Air Force One plane, followed by a jet fighter, low over Manhattan, gee, that's not a...problem, izzit?) complete with cellphone-shot fleeing-crowd footage resembling nothing so much as a Godzilla movie, then cut back to the suddenly stone-faced DHS Director to ask, "Howcome?" and "What were you thinking?"

It was clear the matter had never so much as reached her desk ahead of time. The interview sputtered along to the predictable "Mistakes were made" conclusion, camera cut back to Matt Lauer and cohost as he shook his head and uttered the line I've used for a title.

All you folks to the left who spent the last eight years referrin' to the Prior Occupant and his administration as a bunch of insensitive clods? Looks like your team just showed they can go President Bush's guys one better. And even their pet media notices.

Common sense: rarely found in D. C.


Tango Juliet said...

Get 'em RX!!! :)


Kevin T. Keith said...

Um, no. We spent 8 years referring to them as preening jackasses, war criminals, and liars. There was no time to get to the "insensitive" part. "Insensitive", for the Bush administration, was a good day.

Drang said...

I have no love whatsoever for Ms Napolitano, but what makes them think the DHS secretary has anything to do with this little photo shoot?

(That said, whoever sent the NYPD a memo and marked it "Not for dissemination" deserves to lose their job.)

Jeff said...

And they've canceled the planned flyover of D.C. WHY?! Now that cat's out of the bag no one will freak out.

Even the mayor of NYC was caught off guard.

Joseph said...

I heard it was for a photo op.

Um, couldn't they have photoshopped it??

Roberta X said...

Yes, Kevin, thank you for the reminder that the vitriolic invective of the Left has yet to be approached by any other group. How proud you must be.

Whatever. Your guy's a clod and he's surrounded himself with more of the same. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Except he hasn't even got a Condi Rice.

Adrian K said...

Anybody got a link for that clip? I can't seem to find it on their site.