Friday, April 17, 2009


Acquaintance: "What're people gonna do if they say you can't own a gun any more?"

Me: "What did people do when they said you couldn't buy alcoholic drinks any more? Massive non-compliance, is what. Though I guess if it was perfectly symmetrical, gunrunners will be spraying competitors and the Feds with shaken-up champagne."

* * *
I went to the Mountain of Geese today -- hardly any 9mm or 45ACP on the shelf, especially plain, ordinary ball type, the stuff people use for practice. They've got fair stock on some self-defense types, generally various hollowpoint designs, and .22LR aplenty. It is amusing to notice that 7.62 Nagant revolver rounds are still around $50 per box of 50, which has gone from a crazy-high price to starting to look reasonable in under six months. So I guess buying the Steampunk-esque Russian revolver wasn't that silly after all.

Stopped by Pop Guns to check out my Sistema (it's all happy with the Cylinder & Slide parts; full report forthcoming, possibly even with photos) and they, at least, do have the affordable stuff -- if you're shooting on the range or buying a gun. Otherwise? I'm thinking a sincere tale of genuine need would not go unheard.

Of guns, there is no shortage. As for ammo, the problem right now is not "they," it's us. I'm not at all unsympathetic to the notion of stockpiling but let's not forget to burn up a little of it training: there's a word for the guy with a basement full of cartridges but zero time on the line and it isn't "competent." Those shooty items are only tools; the weapon is you. How's your stockpile of skills?

When it's Prohibition time, the home-brewer doesn't have to go Dry. Food for thought.


John B said...

Are you saying I should grab another Dillion 550 and perhaps a Square Deal B?

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Jeffro said...

Your stores have .22 in stock? 'Round here, us country folk have to have good timing - right when the local Merchant of Death restocks the empty shelves. Which I have not managed to do.

Not to worry, though, one of my buds scored a couple of bulk packs for me going through Sydney at Cabelas.

Joseph said...

It is getting hard to find even .22 at the Walmarts here. I am going to have to resort to online purchases, where I can find ammo. Haven't seen 9mm or .45 in months. I don't think it's a case of it not being made, it's a case of it's bought up as soon as it hits the shelf.

Crucis said...

All the local Wally Worlds are out of handgun ammo except for .357sig and .44mag. No idea when a restock will arrive.

I've a .22 Buckmark and a couple of bricks of ammo. some practice does need to be what you carry, though.

Crucis said...

BTW, I was able to order 300rds of 9MM FMJ online last night and ammoman just received some as well. It's all going fast.

Stranger said...

The local "Chinese Distribution Center," AKA Wally World, had two 100 packs of .22 LR's, two boxes of 44 Mags, two boxes of 150 Gr. .270's. Had - they are presently sitting right over there. Pending opening the safe.

Practice makes perfect - and BB practice is not that bad in a pinch. It's quiet enough not to disturb the neighbors, and some holster search will let you play Queeks Draw all you need to.

If you can find a copy, Mike Jennings "Instinct Shooting" makes some good points as well. You may never get to the point of shooting BB's out of the air - but it will not take long before you can grass a rabbit at thirty yards.


Joanna said...

My weapon is sore, and my skills are sorely lacking. Both problems can be rectified with practice. This is good. And while I may not be able to make my own supplies, I can definitely make trade goods to barter for them. Anyone want some home-canned tomato sauce?

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Joseph said...

Just stopped by Academy (sports store here in TX). Had .22 in 100 rd boxes, .45 230 ball for 19.00 a box, and 7.26x39 for 14.99 a box. No 9mm or .40